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Know My Nurse Life 2.0

Nightingale Apps is re-releasing Know My Nurse Life, our iMessage digital sticker app with 21 nurse and medical themed emoji-like images to enhance your SMS messages. Soon to be available in Apple’s App store for a nominal purchase. Below is Nightingale Apps’ Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Your privacy is important to us. It is Nightingale… Read more

The Administrative Burden of Being a Patient

Last week I had two once-a-year visits back to back. One was with my Primary Care Provider (PCP) and the second was with a new dermatologist. Both visits were booked out 9 months or longer in advance which initially surprised me. As someone who is a healthcare professional of over 20 years and actively working… Read more

Telehealth Care: An Innovation in Waiting

I often ask my informatics and innovation students to take a guess as to when telehealth was first conceptualized for use. They are often surprised to hear me say that the concept emerged in the 1960’s (60 years ago). Now while we did not have the capabilities for such operationalization of telehealth care at that… Read more

The Five Meta Stakeholders of Health IT

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“Once we get <insert name here> system, all of our tech problems will go away.” You’ve likely heard this statement and/or have used it in regard to the integration of new health information technology solutions into the process of patient care delivery. During my initial year or two in the health IT field, I had… Read more

What is the role of the patient in patient-centered care?

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If you’ve ever been a patient, you know that you immediately become more vulnerable when in a healthcare environment. Whether entering a primary care office or a tertiary care medical center, the vulnerability presents itself for all of us (even the healthcare professionals). I believe that there will always be a sense of vulnerability for… Read more