I didn’t know my lab results nor that I would be asked about them.

This week I visited an acupuncturist for the first time. The acupuncturist asked me about my past medical history as well as my current health. She asked me about when I last had labs drawn and if I knew the results.

I knew I had labs drawn recently, however I had no recollection of what was drawn during my last physical nor what those lab values were as a result.

I had to tell her, ‘I don’t know.’ (I also didn’t know I would be asked about them).

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Nurses aim to break innovation barriers

Thank you again MedTech Boston for the opportunity to share more insights on entrepreneurship in nursing.

“Nurses solve problems every day by the bedside, Kelley said, and the same problem might persist every day, only the nurses and the patients might be different.”

Nurses Aim to Break Innovation Barriers

Post originally appeared on Dr. Tiffany Kelley RN on November 16th, 2017

Keynote at Lowell General Hospital’s Quality and Research Fair (Nov 2017)

I had a great time giving the keynote today at Lowell General Hospital for their Quality and Research Fair.

What a beautiful bouquet 💐 of flowers with a lovely card and many other thoughtful and unexpected gifts.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to speak to other nurses…it is always a memorable time.











Post originally appeared on Dr. Tiffany Kelley RN on November 14th, 2017

We have something coming your way soon.. digital stickers & Know My Nurse Life

We have something headed your way soon…. Know My Nurse Life!

“Stickers are a logical evolution of that, bringing visual communication of emotions and stories into the on-going conversations we all run through our “phones”.”

Read more about digital stickers from this article: Stickers are serious business.

Post originally appeared on Dr. Tiffany Kelley RN’s page on November 13th, 2017